A800: Awsomatix’s update on their innovative Touring Car!

Before we released some sneak peek images of Awsomatix’s newest touring car. Now we can see it in the flesh, and the biggest difference is that it is now belt drive instead of shaft!

It is evident from the photos that all items being shown here is brand new from the ground up! First up is the motor mount which seems to be mounted right in the middle of the chassis. This allows the motor to sit in further which helps with balance.

You can also a piece of alloy infront of the motor mount. This is a piece of ballast, which might suggest that everything made on this car is so light that racers will need to add weight to bring it up to the weight limits of modern day racing! Also are several holes for which you can choose based on the flex option you want!



The flex position of the motor mounts from the 2013 season onwards have been very similar across all touring cars. Maybe this is the golden ratio for the motor area flex?


Below you will be able to see that the top deck is asymmetrical! You must thinking now that the car will travel straight! The designer has explained why they went for this design:

After running simulations on their computer they found that this setup provides closest to equal left right flex due to the following problems on a touring car:

#1. Asymmetrical recess area on the left side of chassis under motor.
#2. Asymmetrical motor mount with asymmetrical motor position.
#3. Asymmetrical position of the belts that causes asymmetrical flex under
power and braking.
#4. Asymmetrical positions of servo, ESC, battery. All this affects on the
overall symmetry of the car’s flex.



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