Yokomo BD7 2016 full details announced!

Being the most dominant touring car in the 2015/2016 season, Yokomo takes the world by storm again by releasing an updated touring car based on the BD7 2015!

In the teaser images, low center of gravity was the name of the game in the BD7 2016, and with details announced it’s no surprise that the shocks are low profile. But what’s surprising is that the shocks are now big bore as well, like a well known manufacturer which releases orange cars!



Front double jointed universals now come as standard on the car, which is nice as they are required items in the modern world of high powered brushless and LiPo batteries!






To accommodate the short shocks, lower shock towers are required. This also fits in with the theme of low center of gravity as it moves the weight of the shock towers down.



The rear bulkheads have also been lowered, this includes moving the diff to a lower position as well! It seems Yokomo have put a lot of thought in how to make this new touring car as low as possible!


In this image you can see that the diffs have been lowered around 3mm as a result .



Below are some photos of how you can expect the car to look like. Based on the photos, they seem to be very close to be shipping out. One thing that caught our eyes was the plastic steering rack, we hope that it’s just a pre-production unit and they will come with aluminum steering!


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