SCX10 II Details Leaked!

Photos Courtesy of Facebook Group Axial RC Rock Crawlers, are some what we believe spy shots of the new 1.9 Scale Crawler from Axial which at the moment is believed to be called the SCX10 II.

Some new features we can see from the shots:

  • Lowered Transmission which allows for a smaller angle of the driveshafts.
  • Front placed battery with CMS (Chassis Mounted Servo), very smart from the Axial engineers to place the battery with the sides facing up to make room for the servo. But may limit 3s LiPo usage.
  • Water proof Radio box.
  • Improved steering angle, up to 45 degrees with updated CVD’s.
  • Redesigned differential to a smaller size.
  • Smaller Diff size leads to a brand new axle, AR44 which will be around 50% smaller than the AX10.

More information coming soon!

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