Benefits of having a car spoiler

  • Maintain Traction

Generally, when a car goes at a very high speed (over 70 miles per hour), the air pressure can lift the car. This will cause the car to lose control and this is where the air spoiler comes into play. It pushes the back of the car down just like an airplane wing, but upside down, so the tires can grip the road better and increase stability.


  • Added Visibility

People may not be aware of this benefit, but having a rear spoiler on a car adds visibility. Certain spoilers, such as trunk cap spoilers, have brake lights at eye-level and the driver behind can hardly miss it when the car is slowing down or braking.


  • Reduce Weight

It may seem hard to believe but a spoiler does help reducing the weight of a vehicle. The only thing keeping a car stable on the road is its weight. However, having a spoiler means that the car manufacturer can use lighter materials without having to worry about the car flying off the highway at high speeds.


  • Greater Look

For the most obvious benefit of having a car spoiler, it has to be the greater outlook. Most car owners install spoilers as a fashion accessory. This idea first became popular in the 1970s, when Porsche introduced the 911 Turbo, which featured whale tail spoilers on the back. Nowadays, many cars come with built-in spoilers to evoke that “sporty” look, though many aftermarket spoilers are available for a wide variety of car makes and models.


  • Increase Braking Stability

As mentioned above, adding spoilers increase downward force on the back of the car which leads to greater braking ability. Drivers will find braking easier, even at high speeds, making driving even safer.


  • Increase Fuel Efficiency

Front car spoilers can actually increase gas mileage in some cars. These types of spoilers reduce the drag (instead of increasing it) by pushing the air around the car which lowers the amount of energy (fuel) the car needs to burn to propel itself forward.


A spoiler is a car accessory that changes the outlook of a car. It’s usually installed to the rear of a vehicle, though there are a few types of spoilers that are added to the front bumper. There are many different types of spoilers today. These types of spoilers include pedestal spoilers, front spoilers, lip spoilers, and wings. Despite the air spoiler only has an effect when the car is going above 70 miles per hour, what’s good about having a vehicle that has great performance but a lame outlook?