Yeah Racing RC Winch Review And Test

Credit : RCfrenzy   – Date : Aug 28, 2016

Today we review a Yeah racing 1/10 RC Rock Crawler Winch from!

Ever since the beginning of my rc “career”, I have always been in search of the best “bang for your buck” products. Lets get it straight, the RC hobby is not the cheapest hobby out there!

With that being said, there are rc enthusiests of all ages and income levels, so I hope to show you guys some parts that are affordable, but also perform well.

Just like the real automotive market, the rc car and truck market has some extremely high end, expensive parts, and some much cheaper parts. Your every day consumer shouldn’t always need top-dollar parts.

In my 13 years of rc experience, I have found that some cheaper parts do the job very well for your average rc enthusiest. As you can see from my videos, I put my rc trucks through some extreme abuse. If it lasts a while in my hands, then it gets my stamp of approval.

In this video I am showing off a Yeah racing winch available from At the time of this filming, it costs $24.90. It comes with full metal constructions, and is spooled with steel winch cable out of the box! That is an upgrade part for many winches. It looks and feels tougher than other winches I have used.

I took it out to the trail for some real-world testing and was quite impressed! It pulled my rc truck through some ridiculously thick mud with ease!

Time will tell, but so far I would recommend this winch for those of us on a budget!


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