Xpresso K1 K-Chassis RC Car by Xpress

The legend is back! First off, Xpress are releasing the world’s first K-Chassis. You must be wondering what is this new “K-Chassis”? K-Cars or Kei-Car are a type of small car which fits into the lowest automotive tax bracket and we have based this K-Chassis on this branch of automotive car!

Xpresso K1 Introduction

Xpresso K1 in Drift Mode

Xpress K1 in Touring Mode



xpresso k1

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rc xpress k1

xpresso k1

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xpress rc car

xpresso k1

xpresso k1

xpresso k1


Xpress K66 Clear Body Set For K Chassis Xpresso K1 #XP-40025



  • Fully Adjustable Upper Suspension Arms, adjustable camber and caster without changing parts.
  • Servo Mount integrated into the front bulkhead, resulting in the mass concentrated near the center of the chassis providing excellent balance
  • C-Hub less design means less parts to keep and able to achieve a large enough steering angle for RWD drifting.
  • 1/10 Touring Car Sized Differentials, providing excellent on-power grip and consistent acceleration.
  • Carbon Fibre Lower Arms, provides the perfect balance between lightweight and strength.
  • Parallel Topdeck for high on-power grip towards the rear wheels.
  • Adjustable battery mount for both regular and shorty packs.
  • Carbon Fiber Gyro Mount near the rear for stability during RWD drifting.
  • 116T 64p Spur included, a 50T 64p Pinion for On-Road Racing and a 22t 64p Pinion for Drifting is recommended when using a 13.5t Blinky Motor.Specification:
  • Chassis Type: 1/10 K-Car
  • Width: 150mm
  • Length: 245mm
  • Wheelbase: 170mmInclude:
  • Xpresso K1 1/10 K Car MR 2WD Chassis Kit (1 pc)Require:
  • Radio system (transmitter and receiver)
  • Low profile steering servo for 1/10
  • 540 Sized Motor
  • Pinion gear
  • Battery pack (Shorty or Regular)
  • ESC
  • Body, Wheels, Tires and Inserts


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