Upgrading your suspension with Yeah Racing’s New Desert Lizard

As RC crawling and scale trucks grow by leaps and bounds every day Yeah Racing has been kept on their toes coming up with new and exciting product to trick out our rigs.

The new Desert Lizard shock is one of the newest products in their vast lineup of crawler upgrades. From the many different colors offered, to the laser etched graphics on the side, the overall look and appearance just stand out and scream I need to do some off-roading and get dirty. But it’s not always about the appearance. The Desert Lizard has the guts to get your rig at the height and spring rate you are looking for. They are a 90mm shock at full length but come with soft, medium and hard springs to give you the ability to run them in a sprung or drooped setup, giving you lots of options and tune ability in seconds to get you setup right where your truck handles the terrain perfectly.

Author: Tim Bloore
YouTube Channel: VS Customs

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