3 Racing Sakura Advance 1/10 Touring Car Now Available at rcMart

Sakura Advance 1/10 Touring Car
After the Sakura Ultimate which was released in 2014, 3Racing are bringing us the new and updated high performance touring car : Sakura Advance. In this Kit, 3 Racing have introduced some brand new design ideas which brings their touring car more in terms with modern designs.

Brand New Design!

One of the biggest visual changes you will see here is the usual pink is mostly gone and replaced by a sleek black anodizing with silver edge finishing in some places.

3 Racing Sakura Advance 1/10 Touring Car Kit

Lightweight Chassis Design
This time, the chassis width has been reduced to 80mm which sheds weight and also reduces the chance of your chassis rubbing on the ground which will increase cornering speed.
3 Racing Sakura Advance 1/10 Touring Car Kit

New Gear Differential Housing Design

Newly designed Gear Differential Housing allows racers to easily identify what differential oil is inside the diff through the use of a marker on the housing.

Lightweight Spool Pulley Design
Strategically lightened front Spool/Solid Axle pulley allows for a lower rotating mass which allows for faster acceleration and a more direct braking feel!

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Big Bore Dampers

Also a update which brings the 3 Racin Sakura Touring car platform more in terms with modern touring cars are these fully black bigbore low profile shocks!


Infinitely Adjustable Camberlink length

Through using spacers to adjust the camberlink length rather than pre-drilled holes you normally see, this allows for very fine adjustment which is usually not possible!



New Anti-Rollbar Design and Chassis Stiffener

Newly designed Swaybar mount is integrated into the bulkhead and is now supported by bearings to ensure smooth operation.

Also new in the Sakura Ultimate are steel chassis stiffeners which will allows users to take away grip when racing on high grip tracks to prevent traction rolling!

3 Racing Sakura Advance 1/10 Touring Car Kit