3Racing 1.9 Scale Machine: The Crawler EX

When 3Racing expanded into the drift scene, we knew that their expansion would not stop there; and now we have proof with them bringing us even more impressive products now in the form the Crawler EX! A (what we believe) is a 1.9 inch scale crawler.

3Racing Crawler EX

3Racing, a company known for their innovative products such as one of the first with a double front wishbone f1, has also brought some brand new ideas into this crawler which we should be able to assume be released very soon is camber and toe in adjustment which has not been seen before in the crawler world!

Four link suspension system, which has become the norm for high grip crawler chassis looks to come standard. However the rear seems long to allow for a installation of a full-size battery when compared to the likes of Axial and RC4WD, which may mean that this will be a short wheelbase crawler! However 3Racing have announced dimensions of: adjustable trackwidth of 215mm to 235mm with also an adjustable Wheel Base of 270mm to 335mm so this might just be the crawler in the shortest setting!
3Racing Crawler EX 3Racing Crawler EX

Although we are still at a early stage, but judging by the 3D drawings this crawler will come with a true functioning piggyback crawler shock with adjustments made on the piggyback itself. Having built original plastic Sakura D4 shocks myself, we would expect great things from 3Racing this time as the D4 shocks were of very high quality: smooth dampening and no leaking.3Racing Crawler EX

3Racing Crawler EX 3Racing Crawler EX

Onto the axles, where we can see this crawler differentiates itself from the rest of the pack. Features a lot more parts when compared to your daily-seen SCX10 axles, as 3Racing needed to make room to incorporate the parts required for adjustable camber and toe-in. Judging by the suspension attachment, it seems caster will be adjustable too by rotating the suspension piece on the axle.

All of this seems very promising and will be available at rcMart.com once it is released!