How to make your brushed motor run more efficient and last longer!

Your brushed motor will need brush replacement, it is only a matter of time! We suggest that “540″ brushes are replaced when they are half the original length. If you wait too long the armature can be permanently damaged. This could be required every 20 minutes of runtime for a fast motor, like a 3000kv 20t. This could also take a whole season for a 1000kv 55t! It is always best to inspect the motor before every run.



Motor Break In

Place your brushed motor on a stable surface, or remove the pinion if motor is installed in a vehicle. Allow motor to spin with no load. Apply between 2.5 and 3 volts to your motor for three to five minutes with six to twelve degrees timing. The brushes should be “seated” with at least 90% of the brush face touching the commutator. Slow motors such as 55 turn may need more time to fully break in. Some brush types may require more time. Visually inspecting the brush during the process will ensure you see the changes and know the condition.