One of the greatest looking truck?

The automaker using Nikola Tesla‘s (Inventor of Radio Control) first name just announced its first two electric vehicles. The Nikola one is still just a concept, but it has been estimated that the electric semi-truck has a range of up to 800 to 1200 miles on a single charge (You can go from Florida to New York on a single charge!) of its 320 kWh battery with only half the cost of the fuel needed to power a diesel engine given that distance.Nikola One photo one

(Looks like a truck from the future?)


The One’s flat-out ridiculous range is attributed to a turbine and regenerative braking, which restore some of the battery’s charge while the truck is being driven. The turbine isn’t electric, however, and requires either gasoline, natural gas, or diesel to run.


Nikola One photo two

(Perhaps it is just me, but it is not quite the interior design I expected. Where are all the high-tech screens and stuff?)


The Electric semi-truck can go from zero to 60 mph in under 30 seconds. Its top speed for driving uphill is 65 mph!

“Nikola has built the truck of the future and will hold that title for quite some time,” Milton says.

Nikola One photo three

The Nikola Motor Company hopes to show off prototypes of the One and the Zero UTV later this year. The One’s MSRPs (Manufacturer Suggest Retail Price) will range from $350,000 to $415,000 and the Zero has been priced at $42,000.


Still a great truck after all and can’t wait for the RC version of the Nikola One!! It will look tremendous on an RC!