2016 Shizuoka Hobby Show Mega Thread!

It’s time for the 2016 Edition of the Shizuoka Hobby Show and to make things easier for you we have collected available images at the moment and put them in one place!


We have some nice new releases from Kyosho, but more on the Mini-Z sized things and also something quite unique is the surfer shown below, will be interesting to see how it surfs!



Tamiya might be one of the many manufacturers that have brought the most amount of new items! Ranging from NSX bodies, to competition Touring Cars!

The long awaited Tamiya Racing Truck! Team Hahn Racing MAN TGS  has also made an appearance in this show.
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Ko Propo showing off their entire range of products lets people get a good grasp of what is available!13221487_1733709656872982_261064147170000494_n 13177725_1733709633539651_4536058469329898604_n 13221109_1733709593539655_9113778107890776947_n 13151780_1733709576872990_1747193275613994535_n

Many exciting products from Sanwa, including a waterproof version of their RX-481 receiver and what we believe to be an update to their 47 series receivers, called the Rx-47T it seems like Sanwa have brought the antenna-less technology to the 47 series as well!CiONPpfVAAEWRwf CiONoItUoAAdxad CiONoIuVAAE13R7 CiONwsFVEAAqwwV CiONZyBUkAEK6Xg

Overdose have also brought some new items into this show in the form of a RWD specific version of their Vacula Drift car and their motors in different colors!

od-2 od-1


Photo Credits:

RC Monkey 


Ko Propo

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