Ottsix TKO-10 SCX10 Axle Housing Comparison and Introduction!

With more and more manufacturers entering the Aluminum SCX10 Axle upgrade market, there are a handful of manufacturers releasing plastic housings. Voodoo (Ottsix Racing), most known for their high grip Crawler tires, have released the TKO-10 housing for upgrading your plastic SCX10 axle housing.


You might be wondering: how would another plastic housing be an upgrade? Read till the end and you will be able to see why.


This biggest upgrade would be the driveshaft angle which is provided by switching over to the Voodoo TKO-10 Axle, you can see here that the input shaft will be placed at an angle. This allows for the driveshaft to sit at a lesser angle when compared to the original axle.


Voodoo have kept the trackwidth the same so that people who wish to retain the kit look, however Voodoo have released some brass tubes which allow for the popular “XR Mod” which allows for installing wraith steering components which in turn gives a larger steering angle.

From this photo you will also see a more streamlined “Pumpkin”, which will lower the chance of your rig snagging on any obstacles.


The TKO-10 housing uses it’s own Truss Upper link mount and uses the same axle housing front and rear which will make keeping parts easier. The only difference between the front and rear is the servo mount on the Truss Mount.


The front aluminum Truss Mount has an integrated servo mount with an adjustable width which allows for installation of almost all standard sized servos. The package also includes the servo attachment pieces which is quite handy.


  • Improved driveshaft angle
  • Integrated shock and link mount which improves rigidity
  • Streamline Pumpkin
  • Adjustable width Servo Mount


  • No 3 Link support
  • Aluminum Truss raises cost

We think Voodoo have hit the sweet spot with these axles, balancing form with function and not charging a premium whilst keeping the quality up there with other manufacturers.