Kyosho Mini-Z Rally Racing

Did you know you can now race your Kyosho Mini-z with spectacular styles and loads of sideways fun?

Last year Kyosho has held this rally class race in Japan which take place at normal carpet Mini-Z tracks to find out the fastest Mini-Z rally drivers, with the perfect balance between grip and drift.

The rally class only accept Mini-Z AWD chassis (010, 015, 020 are all allowed) with drift tires (Full Kyosho Mini-Z Cup Regulation), so there is alot of sliding action just like real rally racing at tarmac stages. (Kyosho has made lots of authentic Mini-z body for the mini-z Chassis)

The race is still about speed and how fast you could drive, but the limited grip and sliding actions has also make the races more dynamic and exciting to watch. We would love to see more touring and drift drivers compete in this new kind of race and hopefully bringing more people into mini-z racing

More Race Footage: NR