SSD: An Introduction

SSD, since it’s birth in 2014 has released a vast variety of option parts for the truck  and have brought to the scene some very innovative products which increases the performance for both these widespread Crawler rigs!

SSD have created the perfect balance between functionality and form which results in very sleek looking products that greatly improves the performance!

ssd-SSD00007-5 ssd-SSD00014-5

When using wheels that attach to the hub with screws, you will often be left with a hole in the middle with the axle bit protruding. To solve this problem, SSD have introduced these Scale Locking Hubs to cover the axle to give a more scale look and brings the look of the wheels on your car more similar to that of real trucks!

ssd-SSD00040-1 ssd-SSD00040-5ssd-SSD00069-5

The iconic Diamond axle is exclusive from SSD for both the SCX10 and the Wraith,  the diamond axles are based off the real car items made in 1/10 scale for your crawler!

Besides from the Diamond Axles, SSD’s D60 Nylon Injection Molded Axle is also highly regarded in the crawler world. Although these are not a metal upgrade item, but this is a great upgrade to your existing SCX10 as it runs the diffcover design which allows easy access to the diffs for maintenance and repairs!

ssd-SSD00075-4 (1) SSD have also released several upgrade parts for the D60 Axle, SCX10 brass tubes which fit nicely into the D60 Axle, by adding weight to the axle, you indirectly generate more grip from the tires as it creates a larger rolling friction. Also are aluminum diff covers which come in different colors will ensure protection of your diffs!

SSD has a line of crawler bumpers which are CNC’d out of aluminum and they have matched these bumpers with the body each respective car use so it all looks very good when installed onto the car.ssd-SSD00066-4 ssd-SSD00068-4

SSD also offers some aluminum knuckles for Axial’s SCX10 Wraith and Yeti, which offer extra rigidity compared to the stock plastic parts.

Wide rear lockout option part for your Wraith or Yeti Rear Axle which translates into a more stable car due to the increased trackwidth!


Besides having a large catalog of high precision CNC parts, SSD also have some titanium links for both Wraith, SCX10 and the Vaterra Ascender Blazer available! For links, aluminum bend much easier compared to titanium, therefore it is only fitting for them to release links in titanium

SSD00029-2 wheel-black-main SSD-2.2-Rock-Racer-Beadlock-Black-Wheels-5

SSD is also big in the Crawler Wheel market, by releasing wheels in all sizes most commonly seen in the crawler market. Material ranges from Aluminum to Delrin which will suit racers and casual trail runs alike!