Tamiya 1/14 Truck Gearbox Upgrade! Brass Helical Gearbox Gears from Xtra Speed!

Xtra Speed have recently started releasing more and more upgrades for the Tamiya 1/14 Trucks! In this blog we would like to introduce to you their Tamiya Truck Helical Gearbox Gears!

Tamiya 1/14 Gearbox Gear Upgrade


Firstly, some background on helical gears: different from your traditional spur and pinion where the teeth are aligned parallel relative to each other. In Helical Gears, the teeth on the gears are at an angle to each other and thus will result in a gradual engagement between the spur and pinion!

Due to this gradual engagement between the teeth and the pinion on Helical gears, this results in a more quiet and smoother operation. This may seem like some high tech futuristic technology, but believe or not Helical Gears have been implemented in almost all transmissions in real cars!

Onto the Helical Gear set by Xtra Speed, made from full brass which in turn gives a longer lifespan when compared to the plastic gears found in the kit gearbox. The Gears being brass also inherits the high thermal conductivity which allows the gears to be cooled at a very fast rate in the ever shifting gearbox inside that of a Tamiya Truck!

Tamiya 1/14 Gearbox Gear Upgrade

Included are three pinions: 11, 10 and 9t for you to adjust the gear ratio!
Tamiya 1/14 GTamiya 1/14 Gearbox Gear Upgradeearbox Gear Upgrade

The gears are direct replacements for the original gear box gears and fits in without fail. We recommend changing the original bushings to bearings to further increase the smoothness of the gear box.
Tamiya 1/14 Gearbox Gear Upgrade

Check out Xtra Speed’s Full range of Tamiya 1/14 Truck upgrades, they have kept the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality!