Pit news: TITC 2016

One of the biggest touring car race in Asia, every year each manufacturer showcases their new products and we: rcMart will be showing everyone what’s upcoming!





The long awaited update on Hobbywing‘s v3.1 esc looks to be released very soon. Dubbed the XR10 pro, is rated at 160A and will feature a brand new firmware which will allow the adjustment of the drive and brake frequency. Also soon available is a wifi module which can be used to adjust the esc through wireless.

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Team Orca has also brought some new items to TITC, including a new RT motor which is said to have a specifically tuned power band for large outdoor tracks. A new slick looking cooling fan mount and a new battery said to retain a good voltage throughout the discharge to provide a consistent run even in this hot weather!


Scorpion has been preparing for this race months beforehand by developing a brand new software for thos specific race. On display at the Scorpion booth were their batteries, toolsets, motors and Vanguard Esc! This brand new software was just made available to the public this Tuesday!








Sweep’s Racing team has traveled to this year’s TITC and their manager has introduced to their products which they have brought here. Completely brand new are two types of monster truck tires and wheels. An offroad and onroad variant, based on their touring tires, for sure there will be lots of grip and a very good tire life! Also on display are their 40mm fan and STC-4 touring car body which has been designed with touring car aerodynamics in mind. Stiff rear wings with different markings on it so you can decide on what sort of downforce you would need based on your needs.