KYOSHO OPTIMA From 1985 to 2016


Back to the 80’s Hobby Shops…


Back to the 80’s toy…

Are they your vintage collections?     vintage

The first OPTIMA model was introduced as a technical masterpiece at its release in 1985 by Akira KOGAWA and from then, Kyosho has set the standard in R/C development.

As you can find the original kit number : 3032 -> Now : 30617


Designer – Akira KOGAWA


Special thanks to the talented designer – Akira KOGAWA, the father of the Optima ligneage. He started in the RC industry during 1980, he was engaged by Kyosho when he was 18. His first design was the first generation Kyosho Blizzard.

Akira KOGAWA as a designer and engineer who had strong feelings when he looks back his old days.”There was no CAD or SolidWorks back in 1982, everything was drawn on paper by hands. It is amazing to look back at how much the design process has changed over the years. Back in the day we even had to draw the decal files by hand!” Here comes his designs according to his designing path.


30 years later….Kyosho are now re-releasing the Optima also by Akira KOGAWA!!!

In the spirit of the original. But upgraded all round!

To compromised the quality of this new car, here comes the upgrades!


New features:

  • Chassis : All plates and the main chassis bars are now 6061 T6 aluminum(counter sunk). Aluminum chassis bars are slightly thicker for more durability.
  • Drive-train : Kit includes both chain and belt drive trains allowing use of more powerful motors. Diff gears now have ball bearings installed.
  • Gears : Now in 48 pitch gears. Sintered alloy gears combined with high impact nylon gears and newly added slipper clutch will cope with the current power plants.
  • Shocks : New 10mm diameter aluminum cylinder with SUS shaft allows improved damping.
  • Tires / Wheels : Slightly modified tread designs and new softer compound for superior grip and handling. Rear tires include inner sponge. New 1 piece wheel design.
  • 2 Types of bumpers included(Wide and Narrow)
  • Aluminum motor guard.
  • Updated geometry
  • Hardware : All Hex
  • Updated servo fixture
  • Driver : Molded helmet design.
  • Option Parts : We will release various option parts.
  • Electronics compatibility : Compatible with the current standard servos, receiver units, ESCs, motors and battery packs.
  • Packaging : Similar to the original with blister pack showing some of the parts included. Some parts will be pre-assembled and parts will be bagged in steps following the instruction manual for easy assembly.


< Kit Contents >

  • Pre-assembled kit (gearbox and oil shocks are pre-assembled)
  • Clear polycarbonate body
  • Decals
  • L-shape hex wrench
  • Cross wrench
  • Shock wrench
  • Shock oil
  • Grease
  • Threadlock glue

< Required for operation >