Kyosho Optima Re-release, the Modern Day Vintage Buggy!

Kyosho recently released the teaser photo showed below, and now we have the full car’s images! See all of them below!

optima teaser



Following the re-release of the Kyosho Scorpion, Kyosho are now re-releasing the Optima! Like the Scorpion, where the vast majority of the original design has been retained, we can see a similar level of historic preservation here as well!

The most notable difference is the choice between chain or belt driven! Enthusiasts will be mostly leaning towards the chain drive but I’m sure on a ease of maintenance level, the belt will be the superior choice! And to deal with the modern day Brushless power, a redesigned slipper clutch and differential, combined with the belt drive there are small modern day elements which you can spot here and there but not too much that this has turned into a modern day competition buggy. The iconic spiked tires and original chassis design have been retained to give users the authentic Optima Experience! Only small updates which we can see are modern composite plastics and battery straps for easy battery changes!

K.30617_49 K.30617_46 K.30617_63 K.30617_58 K.30617_57 K.30617_53 K.30617_51

K.30617_31 K.30617_26 K.30617_23 K.30617_21 K.30617_20 K.30617_17