Hpi FJ Venture 1/10 Scale Crawler!

HPI is releasing a 1/10 Scale Crawler called the FJ Venture. As the name suggests, it will come package with a FJ body. Only seen in previous RC4WD trucks, the FJ Venture will come with a front mounted motor and a transfer case in the center to bring power to both the front and rear wheels.

Judging by the life sized Toyota FJ, the wheelbase of this car will be somewhere around 260mm. By running a transfer case in the middle, means that the chassis clearance will be higher as there is not much located at the center of the chassis!

*Update HPI have officially declared the wheelbase to be 311mm, which will be roughly 17% longer than the real life scaled size. But by the photos you can’t really see the difference, and also there are a heap of 313mm bodies on the market already so if you prefer this chassis, you can rest assured knowing that you won’t be stuck with the one body!

Standard 4-link suspension and aluminum coil over shocks similar to the style seen on the Axial’s SCX10 can be seen in the photo below. The front and rear bumpers with the various scale items are now a common site on almost all scale crawlers and can be seen to be included in this truck.

A chassis mounted servo (or more commonly known as CMS) seems to be standard on this truck, whereas on other chassis’s they are a option part!

One thing we didn’t really like were the lower links are attached fairly close to the wheels when compared to other trucks. This results in the lower link spanning across the lower chassis and may snag on obstacles on the trail!

HPI Venture FJ Chassis