Scale Crawler Showdown! MST CMX vs Tamiya CC-01 vs Axial SCX10

With the new arrival of the MST CMX which makes one more choice in the already selection pool of scale crawlers! We at rcMart like to help people have fun with R/C so we decided to make this decision process easier by throwing the MST CMX vs Tamiya CC-01 vs Axial SCX10 in a head to head and hopefully will let you decide easier!

First thing’s first, the MST CMX was dubbed as a short wheelbase crawler, and when they meant short they really did mean it. Check out the side by side comparison of the wheelbase in the following vehicle. You will be able to see that the MST CMX and the Tamiya CC-01 will be shorter than the Axial SCX10 by quite a margin. In the current configurations, the CC-01 is at 242mm whilst the MST CMX is at 254mm and the Axial SCX10 is at 305mm. All three chassis have optional parts which let you change the wheelbase. The Axial allows you to vary the wheelbase from 290mm to a whooping 310mm. Whilst the Tamiya CC-01 and MST CMX allows adjustment from 242, 252 and 267mm.

mst cmx vs axial scx10 vs tamiya cc-01

Next up, will be the chassis composition (Axial SCX10, MST CMX, Tamiya CC-01 from left to right), you will be able to see that both the MST CMX and Axial SCX10 both run a more conventional setup of front rear axles connected by suspension links and with the motor mount in the center. However, note one large difference between the two is that the battery mount on the MST CMX is located at the front of the chassis right above the steering servo. This will translate to better crawling capabilities as it will help the car pull itself onto rocks and other obstacles you will meet on the trail!

Onto the CC-01, the setup is quite a bit different as you will see. The independent front suspension is quite a deviation from traditional crawlers whereas you would normally see front and rear one-piece axles. One big drawback on the Tamiya CC-01 which hinders this cars crawling capabilities is that it has front and rear gear differentials. This will cause one wheel to be slipping on the rocks whilst you are crawling. One added benefit of this is that whilst running this car on the flat ground will improve it’s steering angle greatly!

mst cmx scx10

Speaking of steering, here we have a comparison of the steering angle across all three cars, as you can see the MST CMX wins by a mile in this category. Added with the extremely short wheelbase, the MST CMX will be the crawler of these three that will be able to navigate tight spots the best.


Now, for the part everyone loves to see: the different flex possibility of the different chassis if they were stock standard! A battery was installed to the stock location and a measurement was taken with calipers to measure the amount of front wheel lift each chassis was able to achieve without lifting any other of the three wheels.


On the MST CMX a 49mm off the ground was achieved!IMG_20160108_145128

On the Tamiya CC01, there is almost only half of what the MST CMX was able to achieve, this might have something to do with the independent front suspension arms.At1qa6wTN3ssl8zdVmtGqPzJq87DNBWq9OV6YnKNYviO


Finally, on the Axial SCX10 it was able to achieve a whooping 70mm off ground flex!


Crawlers are never at their full potential whilst straight out of the box! The benefit of having a car released for some time is that there will be lots of aftermarket manufacturer that would have released option parts for your car. Both the Tamiya CC-01 and Axial SCX10 have  a great amount of option parts available. Whilst the MST CMX being a relatively new car, have a limited amount of option parts. However, in the scale crawler world the tires affect the performance of your crawler rig a huge amount, for the SCX10 and CC01 they both are able to use 1.9 inch crawler tires and inserts. However due to the design of the CMX at the moment the tire that fits is the one that comes with it. However with a Crawler widening kit you will be able to mount a larger tire on it! Be sure to check out our SCX10 and Wraith upgrade blogpost if you haven’t already.


Everyone loves to swap their dampers for something else, on both the MST CMX and Tamiya CC01 70mm shocks are standard for both front and rear. However on the SCX10, 90mm shocks are the default. From Gmade, there are a lot of available types of dampers, if you have not here is some further reading:

gmade-all-damper-6-series (2)

Here you have it, a run down of all three cars hope this will help you make up your mind! Happy Crawling!



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