Installing the Oxygen High CG motor mount for Sakura D4

We were lucky to receive the Oxygen High CG motor mount for the 3 Racing Sakura D4, which is a good option part which you will be able to see a real change on the track! Now available at rcMart!

Items used in this build:

Here you can see the motor mount in full detail. You can tell that lots of thought was put into the design process of this piece. Holes to reduce the weight were drilled in all the right places without compromising the strength.


The installation was very easy, the holes lineup to the holes in the chassis and it was just a simple matter of reinstalling the screws.rcmart-oxygen-d4-top-motor-mount-04

We elected to use the Yeah Racing Spur Gear Cover and it matched along very nicely. For RWD drift, the Yeah Racing Hackmoto XTA 13.5T  paired with a 48 pitch 22T Pinion will give a nice neutral feel and be easy todrive.


Here is a side by side photo of the Oxygen and 3 Racing motor mount to give you an idea of how high the motor has been raised!rcmart-oxygen-d4-top-motor-mount-06


We recommend to mount the motor tabs facing down, by doing this you will gain more clearance for mounting your body! Also, by moving the motor to a higher position, we were able to mount the Yeahracing Hacktronic ESC right underneath the motor!


As a sneakpeek, we also received the Onisiki Gyro to test. There will be more details when this is released, some functions include a transmitter adjusted gyro gain!rcmart-oxygen-d4-top-motor-mount-09There you have it, a very simple way to upgrade your D4 without having to break the bank and you will have an almost new car to play with! Happy drifting!