Yokomo YD-4; The Drift Package Replacement?

After years and countless conversion kits for the Yokomo Drift Package Type-C, could this be the replacement for it?

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Rumored to be coming with carbon fibre decks and a sliding steering rack, we will bring you more information as it gets released! Judging by the name, it will still be a AWD drift car. If the drift package is anything to go by, then a rwd conversion kit will be further down the road!


Here’s one of their team drivers preparing it for a run!

Development of this car was spear headed by none other than Matsuzaki team Yokomo drifter Hayato-San! A lower CG and the weight has been brought near in the center of the chassis to increase the stability of the quick direction changes and drift angle, the steering system of the drift-only suspension Steel Steering rack!

● High rigidity carbon-made double-deck chassis
● Low center of gravity structure increasing stability.
● Sealed gear box shaft drive AWD
● Drive-ability is improved by allowing centralized heavy objects
● A higher located H arm specification rigidity which also allows a larger steering angle
● The standard adopted steel slide rack steering system to optimize the steering angle and Ackerman ratio
● Narrow scrub knuckle with inbuilt front king pin angle
● Shock towers made of high rigidity 4mm thickness carbon.
● Allows mounting of standard and shorty packs.
● Both large and small rear diffusers are included.

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yokomo yd-4