Sakura D4 AWD converted to RWD with the Oxygen Mark I D4 RWD upgrade kit

By now, almost everyone has a 3Racing Sakura D4. With the introduction of this kit, many newcomers were introduced to this hobby. One of our colleagues who just got into drifting thought it would be good to start with AWD, after a month or two he said he liked the look of RWD drifting more so what else better than getting the Oxygen Mark I – D4 RWD upgrade kit?

Our colleague recorded every step of the way in hopes to help every novice convert their D4 AWD into a RWD drift car!


Here are all the parts of the conversion laid out minus the screws and spacers included. Everything you need to convert is included, so gone are the needs for sourcing separate items!


Clear diagrams show the possible electronics layouts possible with this upgrade kit. Also demonstrated is the easy to adjust camber in the upper arm setup!rcmart-oxygen-mark-1-d4-004

Notice the difference in the chassis plate, there are a lot more servo mounting positions.

rcmart-oxygen-mark-1-d4-005 rcmart-oxygen-mark-1-d4-006 rcmart-oxygen-mark-1-d4-007 rcmart-oxygen-mark-1-d4-008

In the shock towers included in the Oxygen Kit, is an option to mount the camberlinks onto the shock tower. Also it seems there is more material on the Oxygen kit which means more consistent cornering due to less flex in the shock tower.rcmart-oxygen-mark-1-d4-009rcmart-oxygen-mark-1-d4-012 rcmart-oxygen-mark-1-d4-010

Due to the nature of the D4 Awd kit, if you convert it to a RWD car. You will have the option of using either the gear diff or Solid Axle in the rear.rcmart-oxygen-mark-1-d4-011rcmart-oxygen-mark-1-d4-014 rcmart-oxygen-mark-1-d4-015 rcmart-oxygen-mark-1-d4-016 rcmart-oxygen-mark-1-d4-017 rcmart-oxygen-mark-1-d4-018

Here you can see the unique way of how the Oxygen kit mounts the upper arm. Due to the original D4 having a large amount of KPI, we opted for the least amount of static caster.


The original plastic steering and suspension parts were used in this build, as it is best for newcomers to learn what every single part does.

Here you can see the perpendicular top deck, there are stiffeners provided in the kit so that you can custom tune the flex of the chassis.


Of course the Aluminum Pink Spur cover gear from Yeah Racing was used to give a more evenly distributed load to the spur gear when tightened.

In the AWD kit, the wider steering angle wiper extenders were not included due to the relatively smaller angles required for AWD and therefore it was required to purchase them to run the car in RWD configuration.rcmart-oxygen-mark-1-d4-023

Many of you will be familiar with the OMG x rcMart limited edition servo, people who ordered the first lots of the D4 will have this, stay tuned for more exclusive order items! rcmart-oxygen-mark-1-d4-024

rcmart-oxygen-mark-1-d4-025Being RWD, means that there is no use for the front drive train. Luckily the front steering system is the same on both cars so just removing the front universals and using the stub axle as a means of mounting the wheels!

Here it is, converting the AWD Sakura D4 into the RWD is very simple and by following the manual it is possible for people new to the hobby to do!