Kraken 1/5 VEKTA.5 29cc Nitro Powered 4wd Ultra 4 Unlimited Buggy [Video inc.]

Guess it’s a 1/5 scale dream this week, with the release of the Traxxas X-Maxx, comes the Kraken 1/5 VEKTA.5 2.9cc Nitro Powered 4wd Ultra 4 Unlimited Buggy!

Some Features include:

  • ULTRA 4 (4WD)
  • Full Roll Cage
  • Rear Solid Axle (Billet Aluminum CNC)
  • Rear Trailing Arms (Billet Aluminum CNC)
  • 4 LINK
  • Independent Front Suspension
  • All Around CVDs
  • All metal diff housing
  • Center all metal transmission with adjustable slipper clutch
  • Scale telescoping universal drive shaft
  • MegaShocks with 8mm shaft

Being a nitro powered car and many engine choices on the market, Kraken will be releasing the Vekta in 2 configurations for the KV5:

1) ARTR/No motor with 2 KRAKEN TS-555HV High Torque/Voltage Servos – 555 inch-oz (40kg)

1) ARTR/with 29cc motor and 2 KRAKEN TS-555HV High Torque/Voltage Servos – 555 inch-oz (40kg)



Here is the truck next to the massive Losi 5ive-T, it seems the wheelbase is similar judging by the photos.


The truck comes with a integrated rollcage which acts as the chassis, the rear link system looks similar to that of an Axial Yeti with the upper cantilever links.

Below is an introductory video showing you the truck in action! For me, I would much prefer an electric version as nitro and dirt will create an even larger mess for you to deal with. Seeing how manufacturers are releasing electric conversions and kits for their 1/5 buggies, I can definitely see an electric conversion for this piece of art.