Axial Yeti SCORE RTR Trophy Truck AX90050 Preorder starts now at rcMart!

The long anticipated Axial Yeti Score Trophy truck is now available for pre-order at rcMart! Make sure you get your pre-order in to secure yourself one! What’s even better is that it is waterproof!

The Axial RTR Yeti SCORE Trophy Truck is THE ONE that Axial has been working on for a long time! Axial has always wanted to build a Trophy Truck, but they first had to build a successful platform. Wanting true scale looks with the functionality to match, when Axial delivered the Yeti Rock Racer with its IFS front end and solid rear axle, they knew then they had the key ingredients to deliver the vehicle of their dreams – their very own solid rear axle trophy truck! And to top it off, they went straight to Roger Norman, CEO/President of SCORE International, for his blessing and for official licensing.


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