Pro-Line Road Rage for all short course trucks! 3457-00 and 1172-14

New release from Pro-Line  , this time seems like it’s away from Pro-line heritage and they are now focusing changing your offroad car into an onroad car it seems!

Check out Pro-Line’s new Chevy Silverado Pro-Touring body designed for slammed street truck racing! The Chevy Silverado Pro-Touring body features incredible scale details while being proportioned to fully cover the tires of your Short Course truck. This fully licensed body from Chevy depicts the real life item in full detail thanks to the powerful minds over at Pro-line!






In conjunction with the slammed street racing body, Pro-line also introduces a pair of Pre-mounted Road Rage 2.8” Tires. The ultimate in low profile look for your Traxxas JATO, Rustler or Stampede! Awesome traction while cruising the streets with the brand new Pro-Line Chevy Silverado Pro-Touring body. Check out Pro-Line’s 2.8″ Road Rage designed specifically for the Street! The Road Rage 2.8″ tire features a low profile design for rapid response, M2 (Medium) long-lasting rubber, and a Readers’ Choice Award winning tread design which adds up to a winning combination.

1172-14-1 1172-14-2