Xray T4 2016 New Update Details!

It’s that time of year again, where the world stops turning and everyone focuses on Xray’s announcement of their new touring car! This time, after the announcement of the Xray T4’16 many people felt that not many new features were introduced. But if you read carefully you can see that it is just the right amount of updates and we will go over them in this blog post.

The most notable update would be the chassis plate, the T4’16 features a new chassis that was redesigned to fit the new motor mount plate to allow for more chassis flex adjustment.

The ultra-narrow chassis is only 86mm wide and with the variety of chassis flex adjustment generates the required traction and gives excellent steering characteristics. The chassis design helps the T4’16 to be suitable for all track conditions.









The new motor mount plate features new extra additional chassis flex adjustment positions.The motor mount is part of the left layshaft bulkhead to eliminate unwanted tweak. The motor mount is connected to the chassis by 2 screws under the layshaft, and features the mounting system in front of the motor. The motor mount system consists of a motor mount plate that is connected to the motor mount by a button-head screw which is more tweak-free compared to a countersunk screw.






















Also a new update that Team Xray thought necessary was more options for the mounting of their ARS system. First introduced in their T4’15 car, the ars system helps deal with mid corner understeer by having dynamic rear toe in. Many electric touring car racers deal with mid corner understeer nowdays and this system has proven very effective in dealing with this issue.





















Also included in the T4’16 kit are ECS front driveshafts, these help deal with the “chatter” of the front suspension components whilst cornering. By using these you gain corner speed and lap time consistency whereas you would not have with regular one jointed universals.





















A brand new topdeck which is geared towards user friendliness, which allows users to easily change pinions.






















So, as you can see there are actually many upgrades which improve on the T4’15 and help it turn into a much better car, that you cannot really see on a surface level.