R31House GRK Global RWD conversion kit coming soon!

R31House‘s rwd conversion previously was only compatible with the GRK 2+, now R31House have released a brand new conversion kit for the Global as well.

– Includes a disconnected top deck and bottom deck stiffener to increase grip!

– So that it can be used is the global gear case are to counterbore processing.

-Spacing of the front and rear suspension mount, 1.5mm spread.

Short battery, can be moved forwards and backwards.

Servo can be mounted on the left or right of the chassis.

• The position of the steering rack has been changed as well, you can now mount it like on the 2+ or as standard like the Global.

The shape of the bottom deck has been changed.


– By changing the shape of the chassis, stability has been increased.

Overall Traction has been increased.

Balance of the chassis is better overall.


During the national tour throughout Japan, the R31House team had been carrying around a demo chassis combing GRK RWD and global parts as a demo car. For those who had a test drive, it was a well perceived. This time, more than the previous GRK RWD! The surprise of the performance, by all means, please try to experience! All Grk Global drivers who want to turn want to convert their cars into RWD this is a recommended conversion kit!


grk global rwd