RPM LaTrax Alias Shock Absorbing Landing Gears

Landing gear for the LaTrax Alias that absorbs impacts? Never worry about landing imperfectly again thanks to RPM!


The LaTrax Alias is a tiny, fun and competent flyer, yet suffers from ground clearance issues. If you happen to land in grass, there’s a chance you can accidentally strike a blade, which in turn, can cause a motor failure. Since the Alias is geared towards the entry-level flyer, there’s also a need for more cushion in the landing system.

The stock small rubber foot doesn’t have enough cushioning effect to save a harsh landing. RPM Landing Gear for the LaTrax Alias solves both of these issues and many more. RPM’s versions replace the little rubber foot with a solidly mounted, curved “spring” made from our engineering grade, ultra-lightweight nylons. The curved “spring” adds impact-absorption to the airframe, helping to reduce or eliminate damage from those questionable landings. RPM’s Landing Gear also elevates the Alias an additional 0.8” (20mm), reducing the probability of a blade strike in grass or during bad landings.

RPM Landing gear also spreads the center point of each leg further out by 0.45” (11.5mm) each leg, or 0.9” (23mm) in total, adding stability to take-offs and landings. We also curved the ends upwards making them less likely to catch or hook when one leg is grounded and the other three airborne. Our last challenge was to keep the landing gear lightweight. For the ground clearance increase, stability and added crash protection gained with RPM Landing Gear, the entire set-up only adds 4.5 grams to the total weight of the Alias, causing minimal to no performance effects to overall battery life.

RPM Landing Gear LaTrax Alias RPM Landing Gear LaTrax Alias RPM Landing Gear LaTrax Alias