Wrap Up Next RWD Drift Nervis Base Setup

By now everyone should have completed their Nervis Conversion Kit  from Wrap Up Next. Recently, they have posted a baseline setup of what the guys at Wrap Up Next use. However it is in Japanese, so we took the time to translate it for you guys at home who would prefer an English version.

Wrap Up Next  Nervis

Location: Iroha Circuit
Road surface: Painted Concrete Floor
Weather: Indoors
Tire top line
+5 Offset Rim
4.5mm Hex
HPI Damper
# 30 Team Associated Damper oil
RC926 yellow Spring

wrap-up-next nerivs rwd drift rc










VX dock

Upper arm mounting position lower inside
All Shims in the front of the arm.

Fourth from the outside damper mounting position hole.
Second from the outside lower damper mounting position
Ride height (mm) 7mm
Suspension arms Y arm
Y arm position front spacer 4mm rear spacer 6mm
Y arm width extension spacer 14mm

GX knuckle upper middle inner spacer 3mm Lower middle outside spacer 2mm
No trail with King pin angle
Axle included 2.0mm spacer inner mounting
Toe angle (degrees) out 1
Camber angle (degrees) 8

Approximate dimensions of the arms
About the center from the upper arm left and right center 56.5mm
About the center from the steering wiper center 50mm

Wrap up  Servo horn with longest lever ratio and transmitter steering  EPA at 70%

Tire top line HDPE (ABCs specified tire)
+7 Offset Wheel
6mm Hex
HPI Damper
# 10 Team Associated Damper oil
Spring VX spring 12.25 Volume 2-stage pitch
WRAP-UP carbon Shock tower
Fifth from the outside on the damper mounting position
Damper mounting position under the inner (VX suspension ver.2)
Two eyes from the upper arm mounted on the position from within the third stage
Rear hub side inside / spacer 2.0mm
Vehicle height (mm) 7mm (drive shaft horizontally match)
Wrap Up Next Kondo VX Suspension arms Ver.2
Knuckle VX suspension Ver.2 standard
Knuckle pin position suspension arms 3 knuckle C
Toe angle (in degrees) in 0
Camber angle (degrees) 3

wrap-up-next nerivs rwd drift rc









Servo Futaba S9571SV
Gyro gain: 90%
Sanwa Super Vortex ESC 
Speed ​​Passion 13.5T Motor
Battery Yokomo short lipoic 2800
Gear ratio: 88T Spur 20T pinion 10.353 FDR
10g weight pieces to VX bulkhead

No rear diffuser
Body: Yokomo Dunlop 180SX

ESC settings (Through Sanwa Mt-4S SSL)