rcMart x Wrap Up Next: Drift Decoration Series

In this blog post, we showcase our full range of Wrap Up Next’s body decoration items to make your drift body much more realistic. All these items deal with the small details that would be usually very hard to achieve. But with these high quality and easy to install items, makes creating a life like drift body very easy!

The first item we introduce, are the flex line tapes which are used primarily for the window frames. Released are a variety of colors but the matte colors will give you that real car look the most!

Flex Line Tape Matt Black For Window Frame











The holy grail of modern drift cars both AWD and RWD, the Yokomo Drift Package. Wrap Up Next released a chassis protector to give a carbon fibre look to your plastic tub chassis. This item doubles as a protector as well as adding bling to your chassis.

3D Chassis Decal











Based on real inter-coolers, Wrap Up Next have a series of 3d inter-cooler stickers for you to choose from! Being 3D in nature, when installed onto your car people will definitely do a double take every time they look at your body!

3D Radiator Decal











Last but not least from the 3D decal series from Wrap Up Next are these beautiful 3D Light Lens Decals. Almost impossible to do with spray cans and power tools, Wrap Up Next have made the process of replicating this lens effect seen on all real cars very easy. Comes as a thin adhesive decal, so applying is very easy and will look authentic! Comes in a variety of patterns, also referenced from real cars so everyone will be able to replicate their favorite car’s every detail down to the light lenses!

Light Lens Decal









When it comes to drift cars, everyone loves carbon fiber! Wrap up Next have released this Flex decal sheet so users can apply a carbon fiber effect to any part they like. Wrap Up Next have realized that nowadays even lexan bodies can re-create sophisticated details such as fenders, and air intakes. Thus, Wrap Up Next developed this special film with a flexible characteristic to make sure that the effect after applying this decal is as realistic as possible.

Flex Black Carbon Decal












The last product we are going to introduce shows how much attention Wrap Up next pay to detail. These LED wide range caps create a more realistic feel for any lights on your car. Acting as a filter, it allows the light to spread like headlights and brake lamps seen on real cars.

LED Wide Range Cap